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Population structure and molecular characterization of nigerian field genebank collections of cacao, Theobroma cacao L. Aikpokpodion Peter O., Kolesnikova-Allen Maria, Adetimirin Victor O., Guiltinan Mark J., Eskes Albertus, Motamayor Juan Carlos, Schnell Raymond J.. 2010. Silvae Genetica, 59 (6) : 273-285.

Chapitre d'ouvrage

Selection of new cocoa (Theobroma cacao L.) varieties in on-station and on-farm trials in Nigeria. Aikpokpodion Peter O., Badaru Kolawole, Raji L.O., Eskes Albertus. 2011. In : Collaborative and participatory approaches to cocoa variety improvement : final report of the CFC/ICCO/Biodiversity international project on "Cocoa productivity and quality improvement: a participatory approach" (2004-2010). Eskes Albertus (ed.). CFC, Bioversity International, ICCO. Amsterdam : CFC, 85-93. (CFC Technical paper, 59) ISBN 978-92-9043-884-7

Communication avec actes

Results from collaborative and farmer participatory approaches to cocoa variety selection and breeding. Eskes Albertus, Adu-Ampomah Y., Aikpokpodion Peter O., Butler David R., Amores Fredy, Daymond A.J., Efombagn Mousseni Ives Bruno, Engels Johannes M.M., Gonzalez V.V., Iwaro D., Garcia L., Gilmour Martin, Maharaj P., Motamayor Juan Carlos, Marfu J., Monteiro Wilson Reis, N'Guessan K.F., Paulin Didier, Phillips M., Seguine E.S.. 2010. In : 16th International Cocoa Research Conference. Proceedings : towards rational cocoa production and efficient use ofr a sustainable world cocoa economy = 16e Conférence internationale sur la recherche cacaoyère.Actes ; 16 Conferencia Internacional de Pesquisas em Cacau. Actas ; 16 Conferencia Internacional de investigacion en cacao. Actas : vers une économie cacaoyère durable : quelles stratégies d'approche ? ; para uma produção racional de cacau e o seu uso eficiente para uma economia mundial sustentada do cacau ; hacia una produccion racional y un uso eficiente del cacao para la sustentabilitd. Lagos : Cocoa Producers' Alliance, 73-79. ISBN 978-065-959-5

The genetic structure of West African cacao and new hybrid population as revealed by simple sequence repeat markers (SSRs). Aikpokpodion Peter O., Kolesnikova-Allen Maria, Adetimirin Victor O., Motamayor Juan Carlos, Gilmour Martin, Eskes Albertus, Schnell Raymond J.. 2010. In : 15th International Cocoa Research Conference : cocoa productivity, quality, profitability, human health and the environment = 15e Conférence internationale sur la recherche cacaoyère : Productivité, qualité, rentabilité du cacao, santé humaine et environnement ; 15 Conferencia Internacional de Pesquisas em Cacau. Cacau : produtividade, qualidade, rentabilidade, saude humanna e amb. Lagos : Cocoa Producers' Alliance, 135-142.

Farmer-researcher participatory on-farm selection of improved cocoa varieties : The nigerian experience. Aikpokpodion Peter O., Badaru Kolawole, Kolesnikova-Allen Maria, Ingelbrecht Ivan, Adetimirin Victor O., Eskes Albertus. 2005. In : Proceedings of the International workshop on cocoa breeding for improved production systems, 19th-21th October 2003, Accra, Ghana. Bekele Frances L. (ed.), End Michelle (ed.), Eskes Albertus (ed.). INGENIC, CRIG. Reading : INGENIC, 183-188. ISBN 1-900527-03-0

Communication sans actes

Génétique d'association et sélection génomique chez le cacaoyer. Gutierrez Osman. A, Schnell Raymond J., Motamayor Juan Carlos, Kuhn David N., Tondo Cécile, Boza Edward, Livingstone Donald, Royaert Stefan, Nagai Chifumi, Phillips Wilbert, Amores Fredy, Lopes Uilson Vanderlei, Takrama J.S., Padi Francis, Aikpokpodion Peter O., Pokou N. Desiré, Efombagn Mousseni Ives Bruno, Sounigo Olivier, Epaina P.. 2012. In : 17th Conférence Internationale sur la Recherche Cacaoyère : Résumés = 17th International Cocoa Research Conference ; 17th Conferencia Internacional De Investigaçao Sobre 0 Cacau ; 17th Conferencia International de Investigacion en Cacao. Lagos : Alliance des Pays Producteurs de Cacao, 157.

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