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Journal article

Temperature induced-masculinisation in the Nile tilapia causes rapid up-regulation of both dmrt1 and amh expressions. Poonlaphdecha Srisupaph, Pepey Elodie, Canonne Marc, De Verdal Hugues, Baroiller Jean-François, D'Cotta Helena. 2013. General and Comparative Endocrinology, 193 : pp. 234-242.

Elevated amh gene expression in the brain of male tilapia (Oreochromis niloticus) during testis differentiation. Poonlaphdecha Srisupaph, Pepey Elodie, Huang Sheng-Hui, Canonne Marc, Soler Lucile, Mortaji S., Morand Serge, Pfennig F., Mélard Charles, Baroiller Jean-François, D'Cotta Helena. 2011. Sexual Development, 5 (1) : pp. 33-47.

Microdissection and DOP-PCR as a way to study the evolution of an old sex chromosome pair using two sister-species of Tilapia with different sex determination systems, O. aureus and O. niloticus. Poonlaphdecha Srisupaph, Pepey Elodie, Coriton Olivier, Coutanceau Eric, D'Hont Angélique, Kocher Thomas D., Ozouf-Costaz Catherine, Baroiller Jean-François, D'Cotta Helena. 2008. Sexual Development, 2, Résumé : p. 286.

Temperature-induced male differentiation in the Nile Tilapia : gonad gene expression using female monosex populations and divergent thermo-sensitive lines. D'Cotta Helena, Pepey Elodie, Wessels Stephan, Poonlaphdecha Srisupaph, Reinelt Birgit, Horstgen-Schwark Gabriele, Baroiller Jean-François. 2008. Sexual Development, 2, Résumé : p. 281.

Paper with proceedings

A precocious molecular procedure for sexing tilapia. D'Cotta Helena, Poonlaphdecha Srisupaph, Pepey Elodie, Canonne Marc, Wessels Stephan, Morand Serge, Horstgen-Schwark Gabriele, Baroiller Jean-François. 2013. In : 10th International Symposiumon Tilapia in Aquaculture. Book of abstracts. SIAMB. Jérusalem : SIAMB, pp. 105-106. International Symposium on Tilapia in Aquaculture. 10, Jérusalem, Israël, 6 October 2013/10 October 2013.

Technical and research document

France AgriMer Convention d'exécution PRIZ 2008-2, compte rendu année 5-2009. Optimisation des conditions de traitement et de conservation du riz pour la qualité aromatique : Plan d'adaptation de la filière riz camarguaise. Boulanger Renaud, Poonlaphdecha Srisupaph, Pons Brigitte, Méot Jean-Michel, Lahon Marie-Christine, Günata Ziya, Mestres Christian. 2009. Montpellier : CIRAD, 23 p.

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