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Adapting clonally propagated crops to climatic changes: A global approach for taro (Colocasia esculenta(L.) Schott). Lebot Vincent, Tuia Valérie Saena, Ivancic Anton, Jackson G. V. H., Saborio F., Reyes G., Rodriguez S., Robin G., Traore Renan, Aboagye L.M., Onyeka Joseph, Van Rensburg W., Andrianavalona V., Mukherjee Archana, Prana M.S., Ferraren D., Komolong B., Lawac Floriane, Winter Stephan, Pinheiro de Carvalho Miguel A.A., Losefa T.. 2018. Genetic Resources and Crop Evolution, 65 (2) : pp. 591-606.
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Complex taxonomy of the 'brush tail' peregrine earthworm Pontoscolex corethrurus. Taheri S., James S., Roy Virginie, Decaëns Thibaud, Williams B.W., Anderson F., Rougerie Rodolphe, Chang C.H., Brown George G., Cunha L., Stanton D.W.G., da Silva E., Chen J.H., Lemmon A.R., Moriarty Lemmon E., Bartz Marie L.C., Baretta D., Barois L., Lapied E., Coulis Mathieu, Dupont Lise. 2018. Molecular Phylogenetics and Evolution, 124 : pp. 60-70.

Recent advances in the quality control of kava, the traditional beverage of the Pacific Islands. Lebot Vincent. 2018. In : Proceedings of the International Symposia on Tropical and Temperate Horticulture, Volume 2, Cairns, Queensland, Australia, November 20-25, 2016. Drew R. (ed.). ISHS. Louvain : ISHS, pp. 483-492. (Acta Horticulturae : ISHS, 1205) ISBN 978-94-62612-00-6 International Symposia on Tropical and Temperate Horticulture, Cairns, Australie, 20 November 2016/25 November 2016.

Towards improved practices in Life Cycle Assessment of seafood and other aquatic products. Avadi Tapia Angel Daniel, Henriksson Patrik J.G., Vázquez-Rowe Ian, Ziegler Friederike. 2018. International Journal of Life Cycle Assessment, 23 (5) : pp. 979-981.


Deciphering the routes of invasion of Drosophila suzukii by means of ABC random forest. Fraimout Antoine, Debat Vincent, Fellous Simon, Hufbauer Ruth A., Foucaud Julien, Pudlo Pierre, Marin Jean-Michel, Price Donald K., Cattel Julien, Chen Xiao, Deprá Marindia, Duyck Pierre François, Guedot Christelle, Kenis Marc, Kimura Masahito T., Loeb Gregory, Loiseau Anne, Martinez-Sañudo Isabel, Pascual Marta, Richmond Maxi Polihronaki, Shearer Peter, Singh Nadia, Tamura Koichiro, Xuereb Anne, Zhang Jinping, Estoup Arnaud. 2017. Molecular Biology and Evolution, 34 (4) : pp. 980-996.
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Traditional banana diversity in Oceania: An endangered heritage. Kagy Valérie, Wong Maurice, Vandenbroucke Henri, Jenny Christophe, Dubois Cécile, Ollivier Anthony, Cardi Céline, Mournet Pierre, Tuia Valérie Saena, Roux Nicolas, Dolezel Jaroslav, Perrier Xavier. 2016. PloS One, 11 (3):e0151208, 19 p.


Comparative analysis of genetic variation in kava (Piper methysticum) assessed by SSR and DArT reveals zygotic foundation and clonal diversification. Vandenbroucke Henri, Mournet Pierre, Malapa Roger, Glaszmann Jean-Christophe, Chaïr Hâna, Lebot Vincent. 2015. Genome (Ottawa), 58 (1) : pp. 1-11.


Buveurs de kava. Siméoni Patricia, Lebot Vincent. 2014. Port-Vila : Ed. Géo-consulte, 362 p. ISBN 978-2-9533362-3-8


Population structure of the melon fly, Bactrocera cucurbitae, in Reunion Island. Jacquard Cathy, Virgilio Massimiliano, David Patrice, Quilici Serge, De Meyer Marc, Delatte Hélène. 2013. Biological Invasions, 15 (4) : pp. 759-773.


Impact de la diversité génétique du Sugarcane yellow leaf virus sur les déterminismes de résistance de la canne à sucre à la feuille jaune. Débibakas Sarah. 2012. Pointe-à-Pitre : UAG, 80 p. Thèse de doctorat : Science de la vie : Université des Antilles et de la Guyane

A universal airborne LiDAR approach for tropical forest carbon mapping. Asner Gregory P., Mascaro Joseph, Muller-Landau Hélène C., Vieilledent Ghislain, Vaudry Romuald, Rasamoelina Maminiaina, Hall Jefferson, Van Breugel Michiel. 2012. Oecologia, 168 (4) : pp. 1147-1160.


Adoption, use and perception of Australian acacias around the world. Kull Christian A., Shackleton Charlie M., Cunningham Peter J., Ducatillon Catherine, Dufour-Dror Jean-Marc, Esler Karen J., Friday James B., Gouveia Antonio C., Griffin A.R., Marchante Elizabete, Midgley Stephen, Pauchard Anibal, Rangan Haripriya, Richardson David M., Rinaudo Tony, Tassin Jacques, Urgenson Lauren S., Von Maltitz Graham P., Zenni Raphael D., Zylstra Matthew J.. 2011. Diversity and Distributions, 17 (5) : pp. 822-836.

Animal leptospirosis in small tropical areas. Desvars A., Cardinale Eric, Michault Alain. 2011. Epidemiology and Infection, 139 (1) : pp. 167-188.


Histoires pas si naturelles de trois maladies infectieuses. Morand Serge. 2010. In : Ecologie de la santé et biodiversité. Bruxelles : De Boeck Université, pp. 249-258. (LMD) ISBN 978-2-8041-3508-9

Le dépérissement bactérien des Alliacées : émergence d'une phytobactériose. Roumagnac Philippe, Robène-Soustrade Isabelle, Humeau Laurence, Gagnevin Lionel, Chiroleu Frédéric, Jeuffrault Eric, Pruvost Olivier. 2010. In : Les maladies émergentes : épidémiologie chez le végétal, l'animal et l'homme. Barnouin Jacques (ed.), Sache Ivan (ed.). Versailles : Ed. Quae, pp. 211-220. (Synthèses) ISBN 978-2-7592-0510-3

Macrogeographic population structuring in the cosmopolitan agricultural pest Bactrocera cucurbitae (Diptera: Tephritidae). Virgilio Massimiliano, Delatte Hélène, Backeljau T., De Meyer Marc. 2010. Molecular Ecology, 19 (13) : pp. 2713-2724.

Pineapple. Bartholomew Duane P., Coppens D'Eeckenbrugge Géo, Chen Ching-Cheng. 2010. HortScience, 45 (5) : pp. 740-742.

Tritrophic interaction in the complexes of fruit flies damaging fruit and vegetable crops in Reunion island. Quilici Serge, Brévault Thierry, Rousse Pascal, Hurtrel Béatrice, Duyck Pierre François, Jacquard Cathy, Delatte Hélène, Deguine Jean-Philippe, Lereculeur Anabel, Wattier Christophe, Atiama-Nurbel Toulassi, Franck Antoine, Simiand Christophe, Chiroleu Frédéric. 2010. In : 8th International Symposium on Fruit Flies of Economic Importance (ISFFEI 2010), Valencia, Spain , 26th September - 1st October 2010. s.l. : s.n., Résumé, 1 p. International Symposium on Fruit Flies of Economic Importance. 8, Valence, Espagne, 26 September 2010/1 October 2010.


Characterization of Hawaiian isolates of Cymbidium mosaic virus (CymMV) co-infecting Dendrobium orchid. Vaughan S.P., Grisoni Michel, Kumagai M.H., Kuehnle A.R.. 2008. Archives of Virology, 153 (6) : pp. 1185-1189.


Identification and genetic diversity of Meloidogyne spp. (Tylenchida: Meloidogynidae) on coffee from Brazil, Central America and Hawaii. Carneiro Regina Maria Dechechi Gomes, Tigano Myriam, Randig Onivaldo, Almeida Maria Ritta A., Sarah Jean-Louis. 2004. Nematology, 6 (2) : pp. 287-298.


Le dépérissement bactérien des Alliacées : la biologie moléculaire est-elle un outil performant dans la stratégie de lutte ? Roumagnac Philippe, Pruvost Olivier, Gagnevin Lionel. 2003. In : Productions maraîchères et horticoles : sessions lutte intégrée et agronomie. Kahane Rémi (ed.). CIRAD-FLHOR-PMH. Montpellier : CIRAD-FLHOR, 1 Cd-Rom Journées annuelles du FLHOR, Montpellier, France, 26 August 2002/27 August 2002.


Characterisation of carbon pools and dynamics for oil palm and forest ecosystems : Application to environmental evaluation. Lamade Emmanuelle, Setiyo Indra Eko. 2002. In : Enhancing oil palm industry development through environmentally friendly technology : Proceedings of agriculture conference, 2002 International Oil Palm Conference, Nusa Dua, Bali, July 8 - 12 2002. Poeloengan Zulkarnain (ed.), Guritno Purboyo (ed.), Darnoko D. (ed.), Buana Lalang (ed.), Purba Abdul Razak (ed.), Darmosarkoro W. (ed.), Sudharto Ps (ed.), Haryati Tri (ed.), Elisabeth Jenny (ed.), Siahaan Donald (ed.), Wahyono Teguh (ed.). IOPRI. Medan : IOPRI, pp. 212-225. ISBN 979-8529-26-X International Oil Palm Conference, Bali, Indonésie, 8 July 2002/12 July 2002.


La papaye aux Etats-Unis. CIRAD-FLHOR-ARF - FRA. 1999. Fruitrop (Ed. Française) (57) : p. 17.


Genetic diversity in Eastern Polynesian eumusa bananas. Lebot Vincent, Meilleur Brien A., Manshardt Richard M.. 1994. Pacific Science, 48 (1) : pp. 16-31.

ISSCT Sugar cane breeding workshop. Germplasm preservation-accomplishment and prospects. CIRAD-CA - FRA, ISSCT - MUS. 1994. Montpellier : CIRAD, 60 p. ISSCT Breeding Workshop, Montpellier, France, 7 March 1994/11 March 1994.

Introduction to coconut Phytophthora diseases. Renard Jean-Luc. 1994. In : Coconut #Phytophthora#. Workshop proceedings, 26-30 October 1992, Manado, Indonesia. CIRAD-CP, BALITKA, CEC. Montpellier : CIRAD-CP, pp. 13-16. (Colloques) ISBN 2-87614-166-3 Workshop on Coconut Phytophthora, Manado, Indonésie, 26 October 1992/30 October 1992.

Mémorandum de participation au séminaire sur "L'industrie du papayer" en Jamaïque - Kingston 24-26 octobre 1994. De Lapeyre Luc. 1994. Capesterre-Belle-Eau : CIRAD-FLHOR, 2 p. Séminaire sur l'Industrie du Papayer, Kingston, Jamaïque, 24 October 1994/26 October 1994.

Predicting pineapple harvest date in different environments, using a computer simulation model. Malézieux Eric, Zhang J.B., Sinclair E.R., Bartholomew Duane P.. 1994. Agronomy Journal, 86 (4) : pp. 609-617.

Response of wild and laboratory-reared Ceratitis capitata Wied. (Dipt., Tephritidae) flies from different geographic origins to a standard host marking pheromone solution. Boller E.F., Hippe C., Prokopy R.J., Enkerlin Walther, Katsoyannos Byron I., Morgante J.S., Quilici Serge, Crespo de Stilinovic D., Zapater M.. 1994. Journal of Applied Entomology, 118 : pp. 84-91.


Pests damaging pineapple roots. Sarah Jean-Louis. 1990. In : International symposium on the culture of subtropical and tropical fruits and crops. Robinson J.C. (ed.). Citrus and Subtropical Fruit Research Institute, ISHS. Wageningen : ISHS, pp. 671-678. (Acta Horticulturae, 275) ISBN 90-6605-304-6 International Symposium on the Culture of Subtropical and Tropical Fruits and Crops, Nelspruit, Afrique du Sud, 6 November 1989/10 November 1989.

Symposium "Fruits tropicaux dans le commerce international". Martin-Prével Pierre. 1990. Fruits, 45 (1) : pp. 73-84. Symposium "Fruits Tropicaux dans le Commerce International", Honolulu, États-Unis, 4 June 1989/9 June 1989.


Le ver blanc (Hoplochelus marginalis Fairmaire, Coleoptera : Melolonthinae) quel avenir ? quelle stratégie ? Vercambre Bernard, Robert P., Marchal M.. 1989. In : Les Communications présentées au 3ème Congrès international de l'ARTAS, 16 au 23 octobre 1988, Sainte-Clotilde, La réunion : communications présentées au congrès. ARTAS. Sainte-Clotilde : ARTAS, pp. 445-453. Congrès international de l'ARTAS. 3, Saint-Denis, Réunion, 16 October 1988/23 October 1988.


Historico da disseminaçao da maniçoba fora do Brasil. Serier Jean-Baptiste. 1988. In : Anais do primeiro encontro nordestino da maniçoba = [Annales de la première réunion nordestine sur le maniçoba]. Recife : IPA, pp. 89-95. Encontro Nordestino da Maniçoba, Carpina, Brésil, 18 October 1988/20 October 1988.


Papaya. Marchal Jean. 1987. In : Plant analysis as a guide to the nutrient requirements of temperate and tropical crops. Martin Prével P. (ed.), Gagnard J. (ed.), Gautier P. (ed.), Holmes M.R.J.. CIRAD-IRFA. Paris : Lavoisier, pp. 624-636. ISBN 2-85206-364-6

Pineapple. Lacoeuilhe Jean-Joseph. 1987. In : Plant analysis as a guide to the nutrient requirements of temperate and tropical crops. Martin Prével P. (ed.), Gagnard J. (ed.), Gautier P. (ed.), Holmes M.R.J.. CIRAD-IRFA. Paris : Lavoisier, pp. 600-617. ISBN 2-85206-364-6



Rapport de mission en Australie - Philippines - Hawai. Février 1980. Claus R.. 1980. Bouaké : Institut de Recherches sur la Canne et les Plantes, 55 p.



La situation actuelle de la culture de l'ananas aux Iles Hawaii. Aubert Bernard. 1973. Fruits, 28 (1) : pp. 19-32.

Mesures en champ de la température de limbes d'ananas par radiométrie infrarouge. Aubert Bernard, Bartholomew D.. 1973. Fruits, 28 (9) : pp. 623-629.


Problèmes de mécanisation en culture d'ananas. Py Claude. 1969. Machinisme Agricole Tropical (27) : 03-17.



L'ananas aux îles Hawaï. Py Claude. 1950. Fruits, 5 (4) : pp. 124-139.

La production fruitière des îles Hawaï. Py Claude. 1950. Fruits, 5 (7) : pp. 244-253.

Une usine de conserve d'ananas aux îles Hawaï. Py Claude. 1950. Fruits, 5 (7) : pp. 254-261.

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