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Phenotypic flexibility and drought avoidance in taro (Colocasia esculenta (L.) Schott). Gouveia Carla S.S., Ganança José F.T., de Nóbrega Humberto G. M., de Freitas José G.R., Lebot Vincent, Pinheiro de Carvalho Miguel A.A.. 2020. Emirates Journal of Food and Agriculture, 32 (2) : pp. 150-159.

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Stable isotope natural abundances (δ13C and δ15N) and carbon-water relations as drought stress mechanism response of taro (Colocasia esculenta L. Schott). Gouveia Carla S.S., Ganança José F.T., Slaski Jan, Lebot Vincent, Pinheiro de Carvalho Miguel A.A.. 2019. Journal of Plant Physiology, 232 : pp. 100-106.

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Quantitation of oxalates in corms and shoots of Colocasia esculenta (L.) Schott under drought conditions. Gouveia Carla S.S., Ganança José F.T., Lebot Vincent, Pinheiro de Carvalho Miguel A.A.. 2018. Acta Physiologiae Plantarum, 40:214, 11 p.

Screening for drought tolerance in 33 cultivars of taro (Colocasia esculenta). Ganança José F.T., Freitas José G.R., Nóbrega Humberto G.M., Rodigues Vanessa, Antunes Gonçalo, Gouveia Carla S.S., Rodrigues Miguel, Chaïr Hâna, Pinheiro de Carvalho Miguel A.A., Lebot Vincent. 2018. Notulae Botanicae Horti Agrobotanici Cluj-Napoca, 46 (1) : pp. 65-74.


Characterization of taro [Colocasia esculenta (L.) Schott] germplasm for improved flavonoid composition and content. Lebot Vincent, Lawac Floriane, Michalet Serge, Legendre Laurent. 2017. Plant Genetic Resources, 15 (3) : pp. 260-268.
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Construction of two genetic linkage maps of taro using single nucleotide polymorphism and microsatellite markers. Soulard Laurent, Mournet Pierre, Guitton Baptiste, Chaïr Hâna. 2017. Molecular Breeding, 37 (3):37, 15 p.


Development of taro (Colocasia esculenta (L.) Schott) hybrids overcoming its asynchrony in flowering using cryostored pollen. Mukherjee Archana, George James, Pillai Reshma, Chakrabarti Swarup Kumar, Naskar Samir Kanti, Patro Rashmishree, Nayak Shubhransu, Lebot Vincent. 2016. Euphytica, 212 (1) : pp. 29-36.
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Evaluation of vegetative growth, yield and quality related traits in taro (Colocasia esculenta [L.] Schott). Soulard Laurent, Letourmy Philippe, Cao Tuong-Vi, Lawac Floriane, Chaïr Hâna, Lebot Vincent. 2016. Crop Science, 56 (3) : pp. 976-989.

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Somaclonal variants of taro (Colocasia esculenta Schott) and yam (Dioscorea alata L.) are incorporated into farmers' varietal portfolios in Vanuatu. Vandenbroucke Henri, Mournet Pierre, Vignes Hélène, Chaïr Hâna, Malapa Roger, Duval Marie-France, Lebot Vincent. 2016. Genetic Resources and Crop Evolution, 63 : pp. 495-511.
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Variation of nitrate content among randomly selected taro (Colocasia esculenta (L.) Schott) genotypes and the distribution of nitrate within a corm. Kristl Janja, Ivancic Anton, Mergedus Andrej, Sem Vilma, Kolar Mitja, Lebot Vincent. 2016. Journal of Food Composition and Analysis, 47 : pp. 76-81.

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Comparative study on physicochemical properties of ensete and water caltrop with other root, tuber, and legume starches. Lertphanich Sirithorn, Wansuksri Rungtiva, Tran Thierry, Da Guillaume, Luong Hong Nga, Dufour Dominique, Piyachomkwan Kuakoon, Sriroth Klanarong. 2013. Starch - Stärke, 65 (11-12) : pp. 1038-1050.

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